Shipping & Returns


Here at Outdoors Peak we produce everything on-demand meaning we do not hold any stock - your item is produced when you've made your order. This means two important things. 1) shipping may not be as fast as you'd hope. We can't give a specific delivery date, and in come cases, delivery may take several weeks. 2) you're of course protected under UK consumer law as standard, however, you don't have the same rights to return items as you would if you'd bought something 'off the shelf'. This is simply because once a product has been customised, there is no way for us to sell it on. If, when it arrives, your product is not of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose or as described, you may return it to us (with cost of postage refunded). However, if you've simply changed your mind, you are not automatically entitled to return your item or receive a refund.

However, we are just normal people and we're certainly not out to 'rip anyone off' (or anything like that) so please get in touch either before you buy if you have any concerns or as soon as possible after you've received your item if there is a problem.

Shipping time estimations 

In terms of shipping times estimations, items should normally arrive within 2 to 4 weeks from order date. However, as everything is printed-on-demand, your order may arrive more quickly or may take longer than that. If you have any concerns, please get in touch and we'll check look into it for you.

If you'd like to return an item

In the first instance, please get in touch with us. See our contact details for ways to get in touch

More information on distance selling regulations

Custom-made products are exempt from UK distance selling rules regarding ‘cooling-off’ periods. This is because once the artwork has been printed onto a product, it is classified as a bespoke item. 

For a more detailed explanation of 'distance selling regulations' and 'bespoke items', please see this article from the Citizen's Advice Bureau: Changing your mind about something you've bought